Hey guys,

Thank you for waiting.  Here is the patch note for the 1.14 update which brings you a new game mode Conquest along with Pet System and brand new character effects.

More updates and events are coming in the future as well, so please stay tuned!

Conquest Mode
In Conquest Mode, three players team up to play against another team to gain control of three points for victory.

Conquest Mode takes place in one of 8 spots of the Battle Royale map.  It will be randomly chosen for each game.  Here are the 8 spots.

The Temple in the North of Ancient Altar
The Fortress in the South of Ancient Altar
Plundered Legacy
Abandoned Village
Fanatic Ruins
Snake Path Shrine
Tomb of Swords
Sealed Fortress

Game Rules

As the barrier disappears, the game starts.
Each team starts with 1,000 points, and your score decreases every second if the enemy team gains control of a control point. ( Each of the three control points decreases a different value per second.)

If you die, you will be revived at the starting area after 10 seconds.
Your job is to conquer and protect control points at all costs while trying to stay alive.

Each character starts with the same fixed stats without any consumable items.  The outcome depends purely on your skills and strategies.

The team whose score drops to 0 loses.
If 10 minutes have passed, the one with a higher score wins.

Here are other elements that will impact the outcome of the game.

Treasure Goblin:  Killing a treasure goblin regains a certain points of your team’s score.  Treasure goblin is summoned about five minutes after the game begins.

Boss: A boss is summoned in a random spot.  Killing a boss makes your enemy team’s score decrease drastically.  A boss is summoned about 8 minutes after the game begins.  

Energy System
You can now gain Energy when you kill a monster in Solo or Trio Battle Royale Mode.

You can check how much Energy you have absorbed at the result window.
Up to 50 Energy can be absorbed in a single game.

We now have pets in Hunter’s Arena.  You can bring a pet to your Solo or Trio Battle Royale game, who will pick up items for you.

There are three different tiers of pets, High, Mid, and Low.  Your pet’s tier impacts how wide they search for items and how close they follow you

Pets can be purchased with either SP or Energy.

We have a plan to add boss characters as pets in the future update, so stay tuned for that as well.

New character effects are added which can be equipped for your character’s eye, arms, or legs.  

Season 3 and Conquest Tournament
Hope you had a good time playing Season 2.
Season 3 is coming soon which will include Conquest Mode.

In the meantime, we will have a pre-season period.
As soon as we are ready for Season 3, we will give you a heads-up.

With the start of Season 3, a tournament for Conquest Mode will be held as well.
Use this pre-season period to master your skills and prepare for the tourney.

That’s it for this patch note. Thank you for the read and your continuous support.
We will continue our best efforts to make Hunter’s Arena a better game.