Greetings, Hunters. 

Season 2 arrives on Hunter’s Arena! 
Season 2 features the new Hunter’s Rangers skin lineup with many more updates. 

This season will also give out rewards based on your ranks.  

Good luck, Hunters! 

RP System
Along with Season 2, there are changes to the current RP system. 
- You can receive RP based on placement and kills. 
- The average placement within each round will be the baseline and each placement above the average placement will be counted as 5 points. 
Ex) The average placement in a 20 player match is 10th place (20/2) 
9th place will receive 5 points, 1st place will receive 45 points, 30th place will receive -50 points. 
Average placement is rounded up. (If average placement is 10.5, it will be counted as 11) 
- A kill will be counted as 3 points. (Max. 5 kills) 
- Tag mode victory is 20 points and loss is -20 points. 
Promotion Matches 
You will enter a promotion match once reached 300 RP 
(Tag Mode promotion match - Silver at 60 points, Gold at 80 points) 
If you receive more than 1 point, you will be promoted to the next rank. 
- If you reach 0 points, you will enter a demotion match. 
- If you receive less than 0 points, you will be demoted to the lower rank. 
- You will begin at 50 points after you are promoted. 
- You will begin at 200 points after you are demoted. 
- Tag mode will be at 25 points or 60 points. 

Season 2
A new Season begins! 
Exclusive rewards wait for those who finish off the season at high ranks! 
Players who don't end up in high ranks will also receive various rewards within each rank. 
Season 2 ends on 12/15  
Ranking Rewards 
Solos Legend: Mimi Ancient Weapon Skin (Non-purchasable) 
Trios Legend: Gyeonjo Ancient Weapon Skin (Non-purchasable) 
Tag Legend: Aiden Ancient Weapon Skin (Non-purchasable) 
Legend Top 5 in each mode will receive exclusive rewards which will be announced later. 
*Exclusive color variation will be in effect for the Ranking Rewards. 

Hunter’s Rangers Skin Lineup
- Dalgi, Dara, Sandy, Mir, and Mumyung Hunter's Rangers skins will be added. 

- Hunter's Rangers weapon skins will be added. 

- Event-only Ancient Weapon skins will be added. 

Bug Fixes
Remaining standing up when knocked down has been fixed. 

Not being able to use skills when entering Battle Royale has been fixed. 

Mumyung's skill icons not showing up after landing skill has been fixed. 

Sandy's voice audio coming out when Dalgi uses ground attack has been fixed. 

Tau's passive skill continuously stacking has been fixed. 

Being able to move past the walls on the map has been fixed. 

Sandy's skill 4 has been fixed to be directed at the locked on target. 

Tau getting stuck in some regions of the map has been fixed. 

Wu Kong not receiving fall damage has been fixed. 

System Updates
Ray Tracing feature on PS5's Graphics setting has been added. 

Weekend Event
Enjoy 1.5x SP event this weekend! 
The event will last from midnight this Friday until midnight on Sunday